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Fall has dawned upon but it doesn't mean you're late to plan ahead your schoolwork. Here are a couple of tips by The Tutoring Center, Milpitas that can guide you and help you organize your activities.

Write Everything Down on Your Weekly Planner

Remember that anything that takes time, such as a date or a ball game, will prevent you from working on an assignment. If you don't put these things on your schedule as a time out, you may not realize how limited your homework time really is. This leads to cramming and sleepless nights.

Don't Throw Away Old Pages

You will always have important information on your planner that will be reviewed at a later date. Old phone numbers, reading assignments, quotes, doodles. It's advisable to keep these in a large envelope or folder for you to revisit.

Go Ahead and Congratulate Yourself Ahead of Time

The day after a big project is due, put on a rewarding date, like a trip to the mall or a meal with friends. This can serve as motivation for you to keep growing and working towards your goals with the promise of a reward as a positive outcome.

Things to Put on Your Agenda

It's important to mark as time out those activities that imply leisure to avoid conflict and crisis. Don't forget to write down:
  • Time lapses for homework time
  • Assign due dates and test dates
  • Dances, parties, celebrations, dates
  • Family reunions, vacations, excursions
  • Registration deadlines for standardized tests
  • Holidays

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