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Technology makes life more comfortable, but it's also why many people have stopped trying and doing their best when it comes to everyday activities. Today The Tutoring Center, Milpitas, explains why writing by hand is good for the brain, especially at a young age.

Handwriting or Typing?

Most people have practically forgotten what it is to write by hand. People write a lot, although most do it on the computer, smartphones, and tablets. Technology is gaining popularity in schools, with keyboards and touch screens winning the game over pencil and paper. You may not know it yet, but relying exclusively on electronic devices to write will influence brain development, and this is even more serious in the case of children who are learning to read and write.

A Workout for the Brain

Writing by hand activates more regions of the brain than typing on the computer or on a smartphone. This exercise stimulates the visual area, increases motor skills when moving the pencil on the paper to write, and helps cognitive abilities. Besides, remembering each letter's shapes and spacing requires a different response from the brain, which is something that a keyboard won't incite.

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