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Children who are read to from a young age, and continue on to read frequently for themselves, as they are able to, are statistically ahead of their classmates in academics. They also have a tendency to be more creatively minded. We understand that it can be difficult to commit to reading to your child each night, even more so to ensure they continue with the practice. However, here at The Tutoring Center in Milpitas we would like to encourage you to make it a habit, by giving you just three of the best benefits to having a well read child.

An increased vocabulary and better communication skills are the skills that await a well read child. Even as adults we come across new vocabulary when we are reading, don’t we? Imagine then, how much more true that is for children. Not only do they gain exposure to new words, but will also begin using contextual clues to figure out the meanings of words. Books that are heavily based in dialogue are a great place to focus with your child. Although children do learn conversational language first, a book based in dialogue is one that will also provide a basis for reasoning skills. 

Self-esteem is sure to increase as a child is learning new vocabulary, reading skills, and the like. You can expect that their self-esteem will grow as their vocabulary does. 

The ability to listen to others can also be expected of a well read child. As they are beginning to value the meaning and power of words, they will be more checked in what they say and how the listen to others. 

While it can not absolutely be guaranteed that these three attributes will show themselves in each child who is well read, the odds are certainly increased. If while you and your child are on your adventure to become better readers, you discover that your child may be having some difficulty in reading and/or comprehension, remember that The Tutoring Center has dedicated and professional tutors prepared to help! Give us a call at 408-263-5377 if you require tutoring in Milpitas.


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