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Reading can provide myriad benefits: from a wider vocabulary to better communication skills and more well-rounded opinions. If you'd like your young child to reap these benefits right away, here are a few ways you can introduce them to reading.

How to Introduce a Child to Reading

  1. The first step is making the connection between reading and the written word. To that end, read with your child and help them understand that the words you're saying are what is written in the book.
  2. Next up, your child should learn letters and sounds. Teach them the alphabet, the sound each letter makes, and how you can combine certain letters to make new sounds.
  3. When your child has a better idea of a few letter combinations, help them look for those same combinations in words. You can make up rhymes to make this process easier and more appealing.
  4. Once your child starts reading more complex words, phrases, or sentences, ensure they understand what they read. You can ask questions related to what they read so that they can develop their reading comprehension skills.
  5. Needless to say, your child should practice often if they want to master this crucial academic skill. Read with them every day, and be patient with them, since this is a process that could take quite some time.

Teach Your Child to Read with Tutoring in Milpitas CA

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