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Causes of Bursts of Aggression in Children

Frustration and anger are the main causes of these behaviors and an aggressive reaction appears as a response. But there are other reasons that trigger this response, keep scrolling this post by The Tutoring Center, Milpitas to find out.


Children see what surrounds them and imitate the behaviors they observe in their closest figures. If the closest adults respond with yelling, slapping, etc. Children will understand that this is the normal response to certain situations.

Consequence of Aggressive Behavior

Both teenagers and children also learn based on the consequences of their behaviors, if in the face of an aggressive reaction the result is that they get what they want, they will assume this is a very effective method to fulfill their wishes.

Calls for Attention

On certain occasions, children are aggressive to attract the attention of adults and even other children. They learn that it is a way of being listened to. "I hit you and then you deal with me."


Children learn by trial error, experiment with certain responses, and check which ones go well and which ones go wrong. In certain cases, they are experimenting to see what happens.

Personal Problems

Parents must pay attention to the possible problems of the child, since children may be going through a stage of personal discomfort with significant loads of frustration and anger. In these cases, parents must treat the problem bothering the children to eradicate the behavior.

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