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Help Your Child Prepare for the New School Year

All students, no matter their age or grade, can be affected by the summer learning slide, resulting in students returning to school for the new year unprepared for the lessons ahead. Tutoring Center of Milpitas has prepared a post to help you understand more about this phenomenon.

The Summer Learning Slide

Your child’s school isn’t just the best place to learn because of the classes held, but also because the environment is designed to be education-focused, offering a range of activities and stimuli to keep a student’s brain engaged. However, just like a sponge out of water, during the summer break, you a child’s brain begins to drip away important lessons. When this happens, these students return to school and spend precious class time relearning old information while their classmates continue forward.

Preventing the Slide

Your child has worked hard during the school year, and for this, their brain and body deserve a break from full-time study. Instead, the goal is to strike a balance between summertime lessons and summertime fun, for example:
  • A few tutoring sessions throughout the week during summer can not just prevent the learning slide but also help to fill in any learning gaps from the previous year.
  • Reviewing their notebook a couple of times each week can help to reinforce important lessons and information.
  • Creating your own quizzes is a great way to keep your child entertained and learning during a long drive and can also be used as part of a reward system, such as in return for a ride to the mall, etc.

Summer Tutoring in Milpitas Can Help

If you are worried about your child falling behind their classmates during the summer or they could use some help raising a C to an A+, tutoring in Milpitas can help. Find out more during your free initial diagnostic assessment at Tutoring Center of Milpitas by calling 408-263-5377.


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