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Caring for the environment it's essential to provide core values from an early age. Also, talking and getting involved in environmental causes will also awaken positive behaviors by putting habits that favor the earth conservation into practice. Some of the fundamental values ​​that will teach them to be responsible adults with their environment are the following:


Love for all kinds of people, animals, and plants around them is essential to foster it in young children to help them grow into caring and empathetic adults.


It's another fundamental value that helps children understand that diversity must be something that inspires them to learn and approach it without making assumptions or stereotypes.


Each person must be aware of the impact on the deterioration of the environment and take responsibility for it by avoiding behaviors that deteriorate it.

Always Keep an Eye on Them

Parents will have the important role of teaching their children and teenagers about the importance of preserving and caring for natural resources; such as water, forests, and wildlife for example so that these can be available for future generations as well.

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