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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the capacity to understand, control one's own emotions and empathize with those of others. It also has become one of the most researched topics in psychology because of its benefits and complexity.  Raising emotionally intelligent children will have a great impact on their lives and those around them. The following elements to enhance emotional intelligence include:

A High Self-Esteem

When people learn to recognize their feelings and understand them, self-esteem increases because invalidating feelings won't be confining to them. Everyone feels a wide variety of emotions such as resentment, disappointment, happiness, and love; the key rests in knowing how to manage them properly.

Control Their Anger and Frustration

It's not uncommon to see a girl or a boy throwing tantrums or crying out these emotions. That's why you must help them understand the importance of thinking before getting angry or come out with a reaction triggered by anger.

Boost Their Grades and Academic Performance

Emotionally intelligent children are more productive in school, have greater health, and focus better in class. This happens when children are in touch with their emotional intelligence because they tend to be more patient and empathetic toward their peers and themselves.

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