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If you have a young child at home, it's likely that you want to help them be a successful student once they enroll in school. One way you can do this is to introduce them to basic skills from an early age, so they can develop them and have a head start in their academic life. To help you out in this department, this post will share a few tips on how to help your child subtract.

How to Teach Your Child to Subtract

Count Down

It's imperative that your child knows how to count before they begin adding/subtracting. If they're comfortable counting, you can explain that to subtract, they just need to count down depending on the information given. You can use a number line to make this simpler.

Use Objects

If your child can touch and count what they're subtracting, it will make the concept of subtractions less abstract. For instance, you can give them 10 cookies, and then eat 2 (count them each time), to make the concept clearer.

Tell Stories

Something your child will appreciate and that will make them more eager to practice subtractions is to tell them stories related to the subject. For instance, you can tell them about a pear tree that had 10 pears until 7 of them fell.

Employ Fact Families

Relating to the skills and information your child already knows and masters can make subtractions that much easier for them. To that end, employ fact families (e.g. let them know that 4 - 3 =1 because 3 + 1 =4) to help them subtract without problems.

Progress Slowly

Finally, remember that if you want your child to learn to subtract confidently, you shouldn't intimidate them with double or triple digit numbers just yet. Ensure they know the basics and allow them to progress at their own pace.

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