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Helping Your Child See the Benefits of Math

It isn’t always easy for children to see the relevance of learning math to their future adult life. However, as every parent knows, math is not only relevant to everyday adult life, but actually beneficial. If this is familiar to you, below is a post from Tutoring Center of Milpitas with a great activity which can help.

Use the Kitchen as a Classroom

Instead of your children playing video games and double tapping their phone screens on the couch every evening, invite them into the kitchen to help you prepare the family meal and use the activity as a teaching platform.
  • Find a recipe written in the Metric system and have your children convert the items and list to Imperial.
  • Put your children in charge of measuring items.
  • Ask your students to calculate how much will be left in each packet item after you use it.
  • Look for a recipe which serves too many people and ask your children to apportion it to the number of servings you need.
A number of great benefits can come from this activity:
  1. Teaching a lesson in a practical way not only helps children to absorb the lesson, but this lesson shows the relevance of math to an everyday adult task.
  2. Every math lesson, even basic, is important for children to learn and use.
  3. This activity provides the opportunity for parents to identify any learning challenges their student is facing.

Math Tutoring in Milpitas

If you are worried about your children falling behind their classmates or they struggle to understand the math lessons in this activity, one-to-one math tutoring can help. To learn more about the benefits of tutoring in Milpitas, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at Tutoring Center of Milpitas by calling 408-263-5377 and speak with a professional tutor.


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