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The summer months allow your child to take a break from the sometimes rigorous academic school year. Even though these months are spent away from the academic environment of school, it doesn’t mean they should stop learning. A great way to make sure your child continues to learn during the summer is through encouraging summer reading. The Tutoring Center in Milpitas would like share with you some ways to interest your child in summer reading.

Lead by example

Children look up to the adults in their life and take note of the things they do and don’t do. Make sure your child sees you reading and knows the importance you give it. Read the newspaper in the morning and share some of the stories you read over breakfast. Another great way to lead by example is by making time to read together. Take interest in the books your child chooses and recommend books you think they will enjoy. If you decide to take a trip over the summer, pack some books to read along the way. Remember that lounging poolside or at the beach are great moments for enjoying a book.

Have fun

Make sure your child understands that reading can be fun and that it doesn’t always have to be academic. Let them choose books or magazines that fall within their interests. Combine fun activities with the books they choose to read. If your child is reading a book that has been made into a movie, plan a movie night once they have finished reading the book. Discuss the similarities and differences between the two and encourage them to share points they liked and disliked.

Visit the library

If you or your child don’t already have a library card, the summer is a great time to get one. Let your child explore the variety of books and publications available at the library. Let them choose the books they are interested in and make sure they are appropriate for your child. Take some books home for yourself as well. Most libraries have summer reading programs for kids. Check with your local library and sign your child up. Summer reading programs usually involve rewards depending on the amount of books read. Go over the rewards system with your child so that they are motivated to participate.

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