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As your child is growing, you know there are many healthy habits you should be assisting him or her to accomplish. For example, you’re probably already working on healthy sleeping habits with your child. You may also wish to focus on helping your child improve his or her study habits. One way you can help your child study better is by providing a space for him or her to do it in. Today, The Tutoring Center in Milpitas would like to help you with that, by providing you with some tips on how to create a study space for your child at home. 

While trying to decide the location of your child’s new study space, it is necessary to consider his or her personality and preferences. 
  • First, you should understand your child’s learning style and help pick a place based on that
  • You should also consider your child’s attention span, whether or not he or she has a learning disability, and how much noise from others your child can handle when working on school related activities
  • You know your child. Does he or she benefit from background noise or get completely distracted by it? 
  • If your child works best with noise in the background, then perhaps you can put him or her in the kitchen or the dining area
  • If your child is distracted by noise, consider allowing him or her to study in an office or bedroom-if your child studies in his or her bedroom, you’ll want to be sure to provide a desk or table
  • Be sure that you are comfortable with the location your child will be studying, so that it can be permanent
  • Make the area comfortable for your child to study in, as well as providing an area close by for your child to put supplies he or she will need during the course of studying 

Now that you’ve found your location, think about the rules you’ll need to establish for this area. 
  • As a general rule, you should go ahead and exclude watching television while in the study area
  • You know if your child can handle background music or not, allow him or her to listen to music only if it’s not going to become a distraction
  • Help your child create a study schedule to stick to
  • Be sure that your family knows what this area is for, and as much as possible, ensure that your child is not disturbed while there

You’ll begin to see the effectiveness of this space as soon as your child starts to use it, but do not be discouraged if you find your child is still in need of assistance in certain academic areas. The Tutoring Center is here to help your child accomplish academic excellence, and our professional tutoring staff is ready to start as soon as you are. For tutoring in Milpitas, contact us at 408-263-5377 to schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment.


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