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Summer vacations mean saying good-bye to schoolwork and probably, to most of what your children learned the past school year. Summer slide is really common and fortunately, it’s avoidable: there are many fun activities you can try with your children to prevent. Besides looking for tutoring in Milpitas CA, you can try these activities to keep your child’s mind active and ready for the new year.

Board Games

Have a weekly game night with your whole family; board games can be very beneficial to learning and keeping that summer brain active. Board Games such as Monopoly and Candyland can help practice math skills. Scrabble helps children build a strong vocabulary and practice Spelling. Checkers and Chess help your children develop strategic thinking, planning, and to think of outcomes and consequences. Even games like Twister can help! Children learn colors and become aware of their body.

Birthday Cards

Bring the art of letter writing back. Make your children write (and design) birthday cards for family members, close friends, their pets, and even a stranger to wish them a good day. They get to think creatively and practice their writing skills.

Choose a Weekly Theme to Explore

You can try presenting your children into another culture, by choosing a country and making activities about it for a week. If you have a Mexican week, you can create delicious dishes together, research about Mexican traditions, and even have a piñata party with friends. Each week you can pick a different country or theme. If you go for the theme, maybe try a space week and learn about the space center, you can also make space related crafts and activities.

For Summer Tutoring in Milpitas CA

These are some ideas for you to keep away the summer slide. If you are interested in tutoring in Milpitas CA to practice a specific school subject better call The Tutoring Center, Milpitas CA at: 408-263-5377. They will be glad to give you information on their many summer programs.


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