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You've probably heard that you should keep a journal at some point. However, if you aren't sure of what you would be getting out of it (aside from the documentation of your daily life, feelings or memories), here are a few ways in which journaling can benefit you.

Why You Should Keep a Journal

To Verbalize Your Thoughts

Being able to put your thoughts, opinions, and feelings into words is a great way to express yourself and verbalize those ideas that are living within you. This can lead to a healthier mind, as well as help you be more aware of your own sentiments and thoughts.

To Communicate Better

When you write often, you're not only becoming a better writer but a better communicator as well. This is because when you write, you put into practice different skills, such as your ability to create comprehensible and complete sentences, which means that you'll get your points across in an effective way.

To Be More Creative

As you're journaling, you are making use of your creativity to help you communicate your ideas. Moreover, when you've been writing regularly for a while, you'll have to push harder to find new ways to articulate your thoughts eloquently.

To Improve on Other Skills

Finally, another valuable benefit writing can bring, is that when you do, you're also working on other academic skills. For instance, you're expanding your vocabulary, you're improving on spelling, and you're sharpening your grammar, all of which can help you become a better student.

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