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The Tutoring Center, Milpitas, has talked about the benefits of daily planners for students before. This tool can also be handy for their parents if they are interested in keeping up with their children's academic activities and commitments in the upcoming year.

A Planner Strengthens Communication at Home

Having a day planner is beneficial for students and their parents. It can be a handy tool to establish smooth communication between the family so they can remain up to date with the school's activities. Also, both parents and students can write the notes they consider pertinent to inform the whole family what they're up to.

Place a Calendar in the House to Set Reminders

If your children are forgetful, consider scheduling the following activities in the planner:
  • Field trips.
  • Exam dates.
  • Tournaments.
  • Doctor's appointments.
  • Important deadlines.
  • SAT dates.
  • College application dates.
  • End of the school year.
  • Holidays.
This method will ensure they can see this calendar in a prominent place in the house, such as the kitchen, to continually be reminded of their activities.

Stay Informed About Your Children's Plans

Having this system in common with your children is exceptionally convenient, particularly for parents to periodically supervise their children's schedules, especially in elementary education. In this way, parents can check all the tasks their children have completed and will feel more relieved if they know what their children are doing.

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