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As your child is growing, you know there are many healthy habits you should be assisting him or her to accomplish. For example, you’re probably already working on healthy sleeping habits with your child. You may also wish to focus on helping your child improve his or her study habits. One way you...
School and extracurricular activities demand a great amount of energy from your children, and there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to keep their bodies and brain healthy. However, there can be a few things that may affect the quality of sleep of your children. For this reason at The Tutoring...
 The physical benefits of regular exercise are clear to see; if your child gets their recommended hour of physical activity every day they’ll be fitter, stronger, have healthier teeth and bones and more energy. There are a number of other benefits of exercise that are a little less...
If you have a child at home who is currently in school, you may want to consider enrolling them in one-on-one tutoring sessions (even if they’re not having trouble with any of their subjects). Truth is, personalized tutoring can bring with it a myriad of benefits. If you’d like to know more about...
As a new year is about to begin, we’re sure that you plan to start the new school term right and give it everything you’ve got. Part of this is being an organized and responsible student, and keeping an agenda to remind you of your homework. If you’d like a few tips on using your agenda...
Strong links have been shown between creativity and positive psychological and cognitive attributes such as self-confidence, abstract thinking, sensitivity, and taking pleasure in challenges. These are attributes we’re sure you’d like your child to develop, and luckily you can help that happen....
The benefits of reading can’t be overstated; it increases vocabulary and writing skills, develops analytical thinking, enhances memory plus, it’s a great way to reduce stress. These are just a few reasons to instill your children with this great habit from a young age. 

At The Tutoring Center...
Children who are read to from a young age, and continue on to read frequently for themselves, as they are able to, are statistically ahead of their classmates in academics. They also have a tendency to be more creatively minded. We understand that it can be difficult to commit to reading to your...
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