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School is almost over for the year. While the idea of starting your winter break early may be tempting, go through the post below so you can be motivated to end your school term successfully.

How to End the School Term Successfully

Do Your Best Until the End

With the finish line so close, it's...
No matter what field your child ends up working in, strong spelling skills will be required for them to communicate successfully. If you want to help them become better spellers, put the tips below to good use.

How to Help Your Child Be a Better Speller

Reading and Writing

When you read, you...
Procrastination can be a dangerous thing, especially when you're a student who should be focusing on learning and studying. If you find it challenging to keep your mind on your academic duties, the following post can help you steer away from procrastination and increase your productivity during...
Math is a wonderful subject that can help your child develop several skills and parts of their brain, such as their logical thinking. However, many students view math as a school subject that is anything but wonderful. If your child is one of those who prefers to stay away from math altogether,...
No one is born with a love of reading, it is something that is acquired over time. There are many adults who don’t like reading because they were never taught them how to love it. Fortunately, you can help your children develop the taste for reading and you can too…if you don’t already do. The...
For children and adults alike listening to the word game makes studying more bearable. Just thinking of learning new vocabulary may make some students dread the lesson, but if you tell them there is a game involved they will be less reluctant to “study”.

Vocabulary Jeopardy

You need five...
We all grew up listening to fairytales. They were just fantastic stories that took us to a place where everything was possible. We never took notice of the message they left us when in fact they can be great learning tools. The Tutoring Center, Milpitas CA would like you to know some of the...
Summer vacations mean saying good-bye to schoolwork and probably, to most of what your children learned the past school year. Summer slide is really common and fortunately, it’s avoidable: there are many fun activities you can try with your children to prevent. Besides looking for tutoring in...
“Are we there yet?” Everyone has heard this question being asked many times while we are on the road. Summer is a time for vacation and many of them involve being on the road for long periods, but how can we make them more bearable for our children? With games and entertainment, of course. The...
It’s summer, school is out, and your children are free from classes and homework; this doesn’t mean they have to stop learning and forget what they already learned. On the contrary, summer break is a new opportunity for their minds to expand. This summer, any trip can be an educational trip,...


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