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As a new year is about to begin, we’re sure that you plan to start the new school term right and give it everything you’ve got. Part of this is being an organized and responsible student, and keeping an agenda to remind you of your homework. If you’d like a few tips on using your agenda effectively, The Tutoring Center in Milpitas has what you need.

How to Keep an Agenda 

Take It With You

First and foremost, get an agenda and take it everywhere with you. This is the only way you’ll be certain that you have it nearby and ready to be used whenever and wherever you need it.

Color It

Designate a fun color to write your assignments in for each of your school subjects. You can even have ones for your chores, social events, etc. This will make everything easier to spot in your agenda and will brighten everything up.

Write Everything Down

“The palest ink lasts longer than the most retentive memory”. If you want your agenda to work in your favor, you should write every single task in it.
Write down homework, upcoming tests, and other activities.
Write each homework on the day it was assigned and make a note of its due date.
Add comments to expand more about the specifics or instructions of a certain task.

Use Bookmarks and Post-It Notes

If there’s any piece of information in your agenda that’s especially valuable or important, make it stand out by adding a bookmark or Post-It Note to it. This will make finding it later a lot easier.

Update It Constantly

Your agenda won’t serve its purpose if you don’t update it. Aside from writing everything down, cross off any assignments that you have already completed so you don’t get mixed up.

Check It

Again, your agenda is there to be a more reliable reminder of what you need to do than your memory. Even if you think you’ve got nothing to do on a certain day, check it just to be sure. 

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