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Do tests make you nervous? If that's the case, you should read the post below to find out the most common mistakes students make on tests, so you can learn to avoid them and ensure you'll answer your upcoming tests as efficiently as possible.

Avoidable Test-Taking Mistakes

Not Being Prepared

Being prepared means having the right knowledge, skill-set, and supplies to take your test. If you're missing one of them, you've made a huge mistake.

Not Writing Your Name

Some teachers take points off from test scores if the test doesn't have a name. Some even grade them with a "zero". Always write down your name so you can get all of the points.

Not Reading the Test

Answering a test without reading it thoroughly first can lead to mistakes. Read your test thoroughly so you know what's being asked of you.

Not Answering in Proper Form

"Answering in proper form" includes writing in legible penmanship, structuring comprehensible sentences, and answering as instructed.

Getting Stuck

If you're stuck on a problem while taking your test, you're wasting your time. Mark the question down, answer the rest of the test, and then come back to it.

Not Answering Questions

Whether you missed the questions on the back of the paper, or you forgot to come back to one you skipped, not answering questions can seriously lower your score.


While it is true that you need to be time-efficient when answering a test, rushing can lead to oversights and easily avoidable mistakes. Work slowly but surely to answer correctly.

Not Reviewing

Lastly, not reviewing your test when you're done with it is a real missed opportunity, since during the revision, you'll be able to find and correct mistakes you made.

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