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Your thesaurus is a tool that can help you learn. Still, for that to happen, you need to first learn to use it correctly. If not, your thesaurus could actually derail your efforts of becoming a better student. For tips on how to employ your thesaurus effectively, refer to the post below.

How to Use a Thesaurus Correctly

  1. For starters, you need to know when it is appropriate to use the thesaurus. For example, if you're overusing a word, or are stuck looking for a more assertive way to convey your message, you should be reaching for your thesaurus.
  2. The next step is finding the word you're searching for in the thesaurus. If your thesaurus is the alphabetical type, you can employ it as a dictionary. If you have a Roget-type thesaurus or an online one, you will have to resort to the appropriate methods.
  3. Before you replace the unwanted word with a new one, you need to consider context. The thesaurus offers a list of words, but you need to understand how each one will modify the meaning of what you want to say before choosing one.
  4. Lastly, you need to be careful whenever you use your thesaurus. Employ it when the situation really calls for it and only after you're completely certain of the meaning of the replacement word.

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