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It’s summer, school is out, and your children are free from classes and homework; this doesn’t mean they have to stop learning and forget what they already learned. On the contrary, summer break is a new opportunity for their minds to expand. This summer, any trip can be an educational trip, there is something to learn everywhere we go. So while your children are taking a break, turn your trips into educational ones with these tips.


The first step is to plan. Decide on where are you going for your trip and do a little research on it. What can you do there? Are there any museums or historical sites? Is it a national park? Can you see caves or lakes? The key is to think like a teacher when planning activities, make them fun and interesting, but ensure they have a lesson too.


Now you chose a destination and you know a little bit about it. Dig deeper, gather some brochures and contact their visitors' bureau to ask for information. You can also visit your local library. Get some books about the place to read and get psyched on the way there.


Give your children some choices of activities you can do on the trip. That way they feel like they have a voice in this plan, too. Try to keep education a priority, but add some fun things that don’t feel much like work as a treat.

Bring Your Discoveries Home

After your trip, collect all your pictures and together create an album or scrapbook. It should have photos of what you saw and small facts about what you learned. You can do that for every trip you take. For Summer Tutoring in Milpitas CA While your children are home this summer, you should bring them to tutoring in Milpitas CA. The Tutoring Center, Milpitas CA has the summer programs you need to keep your children’s brain in action over the break. Give them a call at: 408-263-5377 for more information.


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