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No one is born with a love of reading, it is something that is acquired over time. There are many adults who don’t like reading because they were never taught them how to love it. Fortunately, you can help your children develop the taste for reading and you can too…if you don’t already do. The Tutoring Center, Milpitas CA has some tips to instill the love of reading in your children in this post.

Choose a Book

Many readers feel discouraged to read when the material is not something they can relate to or have any interest for. Find something you know your children will be excited about, or even better ask them to help you find an interesting book. Think about their hobbies, values, likes, and dislikes when you are making this very important decision. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at the best selling books list or the finalists of children’s books awards.

Read to Them

A mistake many parents make is to stop reading to their children as soon as they’re in school and learn to read by themselves. Reading to your children helps them emulate the inflections and rhythm in your voice. Not to mention that relaxing snuggling is something everyone enjoys.

Talk About the Book

Talk about what they are reading and how it’s relevant to what they’re living or experiences they’ve been through. Talking about a story can even give them ideas of what they want to read about next.

Read Different Types of Books

Start with easy fiction books and as your children gain more reading skills and confidence, move on to more challenging books. Alternate from fiction to non-fiction to even instructional books.

For Summer Tutoring in Milpitas CA

If you want to further instill the love of reading, bring your children to tutoring in Milpitas CA. The Tutoring Center, Milpitas CA has reading programs that might interest you and your children, and will help them develop this necessary life skill which is reading. Call them up at: 408-263-5377 to know more.


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