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Children seem to spend more and more time in front of screens because they use gadgets daily. While these devices may keep your child occupied, too much screen time can also lead to some serious outcomes which can harm your child's health. To encourage them to decrease their screen time, check out these tips by The Tutoring Center, Milpitas.

Set Time Limits on Screens

An easy way to guarantee your child doesn't waste the majority of their day looking at their gadgets is by setting time boundaries to restrict how much freedom they have to use their devices. Specific times of the day should be screen-free occasions, such as during dinner time and study or homework time. It's also an excellent plan to make the hour before bedtime an electronics-free time so that your child is ready to fall asleep quicker without the disturbances of their cellphone or iPad.

Use Screen Time to Reward Them

Screen time shouldn't be the standard but rather a privilege or bonus. If your child gets sidetracked by their telephone as they're attempting to finish something or if they often forget to do their chores because they get engrossed in video games, only enable them to use their screens after concluding certain tasks. For example, no video games until chores are done.

Lead by Example

As difficult as it is for children to let go of their tablets, it can be just as tough for parents to stop checking their cellphones. Do your best to embody the right role model for your child by not letting your phone notifications distract you during your time at home. Plan activities the whole family can participate in while you all forget about your phones and tablets for a bit.

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