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Creativity, in itself, is more of a skill than a natural ability and like any other skill, it needs to be stimulated and practiced. Some individuals are inherently creative without a practice, but others, need an outlet or tools to find it within themselves. So, here are a few tips and activities you can do to encourage your children's creativity.

Allow Children to Play by Themselves if They Feel Like it

Though you must be present in their life, so that they feel your support and affection, there's no need to be too attached. It's good when they get to discover the world on their own, with eagle-sight supervision, of course, but give them some space.

Organize Creative Excursions to Keep them Inspired

Consider paying a visit to a local museum, going on field trips, and participating in workshops aimed for children, go to the zoo and observe some animals or plants, go to the theatre and cinema to extend their reference point.

Allow Your Children to Spend, at Least, One Hour a Day for Their Own Games and Interests

Multiple extracurricular activities aren't beneficial for them; having too much on their plate can potentially trigger anxiety and stress them out unnecessarily.

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