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Math is a wonderful subject that can help your child develop several skills and parts of their brain, such as their logical thinking. However, many students view math as a school subject that is anything but wonderful. If your child is one of those who prefers to stay away from math altogether, below you'll find some tips on how to build their confidence in their ability to learn it.

How to Help Your Child Do Math with Confidence

  1. First of all, you need to make an example of yourself. If your child notices that you don't like math, or that you think it's too hard, they'll likely see it in that same light. Let them know that you aren't intimidated by math so they aren't either.
  2. It's extremely important that you provide the support your child needs to overcome the anxiety they feel towards math. Answer their questions, encourage them, and enroll them in tutoring classes in Milpitas CA so they feel motivated to keep going.
  3. If you get a sense that your child is reluctant to do math because they don't find any use for it, teach them to employ math in real life. Make a budget with them, use math in the kitchen, add your utility bills, etc., so they know math affects their daily life.
  4. As a final tip, you should try to mix learning with fun. For example, if you help your child work on their math skills through online games and apps, they may feel much more eager to learn and less intimidated by the subject.

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