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Preparing for an Exam

It’s not uncommon for students to dislike sitting exams, however, the grades they achieve can determine their future academic opportunities. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Milpitas CA with tips to help any student prepare for an exam.

A Plan

As soon as a student becomes aware of an upcoming exam they should note the details in their calendar or organizer. Then, working back through the weeks leading up to the exam, plan appropriate study sessions, such as time for research, reading, note-taking, and review. This technique not only prevents students from forgetting about exams but ensures there is study time already planned.

Learning Tools

Modern complex lessons require students to sit equally as complex exams, often requiring a range of learning tools, such as a scientific calculator or a protractor. A week prior to the exam, speak with a teacher or consult the information packet to find out what tools will be needed throughout the exam. A few days before the exam, not only ensure that you have everything needed, but that it is in working order, like putting fresh batteries into a calculator.


Exam questions will be assigned a range of points, with the goal being for students to achieve as many points as possible. While there isn’t anything wrong with this style of exam, it can often work against students who aren’t able to complete the entire exam. As soon as the exam starts, make your way through it and identify any questions or sections which can be answered quickly and correctly. Then move onto the other questions. This can help students who studied hard to earn points for correct answers they may not have had the chance to achieve if those sections were at the end of the exam.


Last, but certainly not least, is the tip to review. Even if it means that the exam won’t be completed, make time to review your answers before submitting the exam. Something as simple as a tired flick of the wrist can cause the wrong letter or number to be written, leading to the difference between an A and an A+.

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