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Reading Lessons at Home

The academic and career paths which will be open to your student are determined by their reading level. If your child struggles with reading, The Tutoring Center, Milpitas has some tips which you can utilize at home.

Flyers and Junk Mail

When you signed up for an email account, you thought that it would be the end of your mailbox betting stuffed with a mixture of promotional flyers and bank or service provider letters updating their terms. Still, it keeps piling up in your mailbox or kitchen table. Instead of throwing it all away or loosely reading through the information, hand it to your children each evening and ask them to read it to you aloud as you prepare dinner. Reading a range of material, such as promotional flyers and formal bank letters, expose your children to a range of writing styles and grammar uses, helping them to not only improve their reading skills but also improve their writing skills.


Sounding out letter combinations is a great way for children to learn new words, however, exposure to a limited vocabulary can often limit their ability to learn more letter-sound combinations and contexts. As strange as it may sound, asking your children to read you the ingredients listed on the labels of any food items you use is a great way to introduce them to not only new words, but more importantly for this lesson, new sounds and letter-sound combinations.

Tutoring in Milpitas Can Help

If your student is struggling with reading or they need more homework help than you can provide, one-to-one tutoring in Milpitas can help. Find out more during your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Milpitas. Call 408-263-5377 and speak with a professional tutor to make your appointment.


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