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Strong links have been shown between creativity and positive psychological and cognitive attributes such as self-confidence, abstract thinking, sensitivity, and taking pleasure in challenges. These are attributes we’re sure you’d like your child to develop, and luckily you can help that happen. Follow these tips courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Milpitas to foster creativity in your child.


Playtime is immensely important to your child’s development; it’s their opportunity to practice imaginative thinking which brings with it problem-solving, choice-making and use of their insight. Not all play is creative, though, so avoid less-engaging forms of play such as video games and try to urge your child towards expressive, imaginative ones such as roleplays, story-telling, or craft activities (painting, modelling, etc.).

Provide an example

Make sure your child sees you enjoying yourself in creative pursuits and they’re likely to follow suit. If you don’t already have a creative hobby, take one up as it will benefit you as well as providing a good model for your child. Try to avoid attempting to force your child into any particular activity; even if you’re a concert pianist your child may hate the piano, and coercing them into activities they dislike is likely to actually stifle their creativity and its associated benefits.

Be curious

Your involvement could offer a massive boost to your child’s creative activities. They will enjoy themselves more, it’s a great bonding exercise, and it gives you the opportunity to guide them. Ask lots of open-ended questions to give your child opportunities to think more deeply and broadly about things, offer lots of praise when your child is engaged with a task (don’t praise results, praise effort), and encourage experimentation and persistence.

Reading is a great complement to creative pursuits and can really spark your child’s imagination, so make sure your child’s reaping the rewards of the written word by following our guide to motivating children to read.

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