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Patience is Not a Passive Virtue

Many think that patience is that questionable virtue that leads some people to be better at enduring adversity. But that interpretation is inaccurate as it's a viewpoint that assumes patience as a passive virtue when, in reality, it constitutes an attribute that requires putting many of your emotional resources into action.

People Tend to Be Impulsive When Their Character Is Underdeveloped

By nature, Humans are quick to attack or defend themselves without being clear about what they intend to achieve or the strategy they will use to do so. Sometimes, people cannot even define what the threat is that produces such reactions.

Try to Give up On Immediate Reactions

Sometimes a few seconds make the difference between acting erratically or behaving intelligently. Understanding the circumstances of a situation before reacting will lead you to foster and grow your patience.

Breathing Exercises Are Extremely Helpful

Deep breaths are always an accessible resource available to you at all times. But it also helps that, while cultivating patience, you plant in your mind and heart the idea that you are the master of yourself. That everything you do or stop doing is your sole responsibility. That everything that happens will depend on the way you act.

Lastly, Takes Practice

The more you practice, the more patient you will be. The more you get into the habit of taking a moment before responding or acting, the more quickly you introduce that command into your brain.

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