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Going back to school, either in-person or online, is always overwhelming for parents and students who must adjust to their educational routine again. For this, The Tutoring Center, Milpitas, has some recommendations for the educational community that can help make this last quarter of the year a safe period, considering that the covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented academic interruption.

Follow a Sanitizing Routine

Whether your child is at home or going to school, it's essential to plan a cleaning and disinfection routine of the premises and its surroundings. This step, especially on surfaces that come into continuous contact, includes tables, doors, doorknobs. Chairs, bathroom, etc.

Agree on a Learning Program

If students enter school in shifts or many continue from home, it's essential to agree on a distance learning program or tutoring service to fill in their knowledge gaps. Thus, both parents, students, and teachers will be clear about the activities to be carried out and prevent the student from seeing irrelevant content.

Don’t Forget Physical Activity

Although social distancing is maintained and certain sports with physical contact are still not recommended in schools due to the pandemic, this doesn't mean that daily exercise is being put aside. Practicing sports will prevent a sedentary lifestyle and, therefore, diseases or conditions triggered by it. A daily exercise routine can help the body stay in shape so that your child can keep attending school in a healthy state.

Don't forget that another way to give structure to your child's routine is by enrolling them in tutoring in Milpitas! Give a call to The Tutoring Center, Milpitas, CAat 408-263-5377 and see the benefits of after-school tutoring.


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