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A "can do" attitude can boost your child's academic performance, their confidence, and their outlook on life. However, if your child could use some assistance to truly believe in their abilities, below you'll find some tips on how you can help.

How to Develop a "Can Do" Attitude in Your Child

  1. For starters, you need to be a good role model, since it's likely your child imitates your behavior and attitudes to mold their own.
  2. Of course, you should try to be a supportive parent. This means you should encourage your child, show them that you care, provide uplifting words, and help them whenever they need it.
  3. If your child makes a mistake or feels defeated, help them focus on the positives. For example, instead of mentioning what they did wrong, help them realize where they can improve.
  4. Don't compare your child to others. You may think you're providing them with someone to look up to, but it may just make them feel inadequate.
  5. Having a purpose can make your child feel more motivated, which is why you should set achievable but challenging goals. This way, when they reach them, they'll feel empowered and capable.
  6. Finally, your child should learn that not everything will come easily, but that hard work and perseverance will get them closer to achieving their goals in life.

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