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If children are feeling uneased during the last couple of weeks, it could be due to the current global confinement. Keeping their daily routines at home can help them feel more confident and secure and they will understand that although things are different, at least for now, there is still a schedule and responsibilities to commit to.

Reduce Anxiety

Children are very tech-savvy and they're used to seeing and interacting with gadgets daily but, take this time at home to nurture their needs to play more "organically" with board games, reading, drawing, or singing since these are fundamental activities for children that are often neglected due to mobile devices. At the same time, it's advised to motivate them to do household chores and thus learn to assume responsibilities within the house; you can start by telling them to set the table before supper, or making their beds. If possible, you can also encourage regular physical activity inside the house; this will help them consume energy and stay healthy.


Optimal mental health in childhood favors their comprehensive and emotional development, and you can begin to enhance these through dialogue and creating relevant conversations during this time of uncertainty and children might have questions to ask. Brainstorming can bring new topics to talk about and reinforce family bonds during quarantine.

Love is Contagious

In times when people seem to be hyper-alert for diseases or dangers that are contagious, finding a new focus, and guiding your family to good actions can also be contagious! Help your children spread love by helping them to contact people important to them through video calls, letters, good actions and caring for their loved ones. This will make them feel needed and appreciated; which will make them feel more at ease during quarantine!

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