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When you start at a new school, you don't know the place nor the people, and you miss your old friends. All in all, it can be a very intimidating and challenging experience. If you're going through it, here you'll find tips on how to make it easier for you.

How to Start in a New School

  1. The first tip is to learn as much as you can about the school you'll be attending. For example, reading about it or touring the campus can help you get a better sense of it.
  2. Being the new student is stressful enough as it is. To ease your nerves, you need to have everything ready days in advance (your school supplies, backpack, and more).
  3. Wearing a nice and comfortable outfit can actually boost your confidence levels. To that end, care for your appearance, so you can put your best face forward.
  4. Needless to say, you will need to introduce yourself to your teachers, classmates, and more. You should even turn to them and ask them for help with meeting other people.
  5. Another way you can meet people in your new school is to participate in its clubs, teams, functions, and other activities that may interest you.
  6. As stated above, one of the worst things about attending a new school is not being able to see your old friends. To avoid missing them as much, try your best to communicate with them often.
  7. Lastly, be sure to keep an open mind and a positive attitude through this whole ordeal. Smiling, being confident, and finding the good in things will help you feel less like an outsider.

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