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With summer break here, you may be worried that your child will develop unhealthy TV habits while they're not attending school. However, there are ways you can keep that from happening. Continue reading to find out what they are.

How to Create Healthy TV Habits

Lead By Example

Your child looks up to you to mold their own behavior. This means that if they see you watching TV all day, they'll likely do it, too. Lead by example and regulate how you watch TV.

Set Boundaries

Then, you can set some boundaries, so they aren't absorbed by the TV the whole time. For instance, they can watch 2 hours of TV a day, only after they've finished their duties. Likewise, keep them from watching TV while they eat or right before bed.

Watch Quality Products

What type of shows your child watches on TV is just as important. If possible, try to encourage them to opt for quality shows that are educational, and that will help them develop their brain and abilities.

Be Critical

Watching TV mindlessly won't help your child in the least. Instead, help them be more critical of what they consume. To do so, ask them questions about the characters and situations they're watching.

Give Them Options

If your child spends all of their summer vacation as a couch potato, it may be that they don't have other things to do. To change that, take them to the park, play with them, and try to engage them in other activities.

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