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For children and adults alike listening to the word game makes studying more bearable. Just thinking of learning new vocabulary may make some students dread the lesson, but if you tell them there is a game involved they will be less reluctant to “study”.

Vocabulary Jeopardy

You need five vocabulary lists, to make five Jeopardy categories. Now decide on 5 words for each category ranging from easiest to hardest. They will be worth 100 through 500 points. You can make a Jeopardy game board out of index cards and papers or design one in a Power Point presentation. Your children will pick a category and the difficulty level. The winner gets a prize.

Vocabulary Charades

On index cards write down Vocabulary words with their definitions (or just the words to make it extra challenging). There has to be two teams. Set a timer on and let one of the players take an index card and act it out or draw it for the team, if they get it right take another card and so on until the timer stops. The team who collects more Vocabulary index cards is the winner of the game.

Bean Bag Toss

Lay out on the floor a board made up from index cards. Each card should have a Vocabulary word and it should be turned upside down. Children will throw the bean bag to an index card, read the word and give correct definition or a sentence using it. If they do it correctly, they keep the card. The champion of the game will be the one with most cards.

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